Science Fiction. Genetic Engineering. Post-apocalyptic Adventure.

100,000 words. Post-apocalyptic adventure.

Two cultures at odds, the emerging city state of Auckland and the nomadic peoples who surround it. An extremely organized young man tries to hide from the consequences of a rash decision, being robbed by old ladies and the genetically modified megafauna that roam the wastelands of New Zealand's distant future.

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"As a writer, I'm interested in life without technology and the philosophy of developing cultures. I've often wondered what dark age scribes were thinking when they read about the lost technologies of the ancient world. Oppression. Lawlessness. Cults. Nomads. Slavery. When the remnants of science could be confused with cosmic intervention. When the earth is in chaos. I incorporate elements of both Jewish and Plains Indian mythology into my post-apocalpytic writing. And, yes, there is a strain of genetically engineered coffee that makes people immortal... if you drink enough."

Carrie Bailey  is a self-described one dimensional coffee obsessed writer and illustrator from Oregon. A minimalist and global nomad, she has lived in Chile, New Zealand, North Carolina and Vermont since she started writing in 2009. She writes post-apocalyptic novels and spends a lot of time drinking coffee.

The Ishim Underground (2015)

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