Untitled Novel (2014) - 70,000 words - in final revisions Science Fiction - Post-apocalpytic - New Adult

After unwittingly being posted as Regional Sanitation Specialist in a dry-as-toast village on the edge of oblivion, fate thrusts Eron into the middle of the biggest social upheaval since the apocolypse 500 years earlier. Cast out into the vast network of roads inhabited by a highly organized nomadic subculture and genetically engineered megafauna, Eron finds himself on the run from the Auckian Guard, even though he's technically a member. Unable to go home, Eron latches onto to the company of wild boy and heads Westward, but will he find a good place to hide?

Bungle of Oz(2013) is based in the fantasy world of Frank Baum where the obnoxiously vain glass cat gets chipped and has to do something about it...or gets someone else find someone else to help.

The 3 Indispensable Rules for Taking Charge (2013) is an ideal short read for anyone wanting to take over the world with man-eating reptilian for a mentor.

Carrie Bailey openly admits that she is a one dimensional coffee obsessed writer with more secrets than the average Librarian. In the past five years, she's dragged her teenage son out of the Pacific Northwest to live with her in Chile, North Carolina and New Zealand while laying the groundwork for her nameless post-apocalyptic series.

Map of Auckland by Carrie Bailey (Draft)

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