What do you think was in the mind of the person who invented homework? Does it help students or is it just an extra burden for both students and teachers? This debate has been ongoing for quite some time now. A survey conducted by MetLife back in 2007 indicated that more than 85% of parents saw helping out their kids with homework as an opportunity to interact and spend time with them. Most of them agreed that homework does not interfere with family time and has never been the major source of stress.

Why should I do my homework instead of utilising that time to do more learning? Why should I go with assignment back home while I can complete the same in school? These are some pertinent questions students ask themselves. Away from this debate, here are some key benefits of homework to students.

  1. It enables better schoolwork retention
  2. The main objective of issuing assignment is to help students retain most of what they have learnt in class. In some cases, student will finish up the work while in school while others will work on it from home at night. While assignment can seem repetitive to what is been taught in class, various studies confirms that repetition is a key learning tool. No homework, means derailing the learning process.

  3. Positive impact on grade level
  4. The impact of assignment on student performance can be measured at different grade levels. It has been observed that there is greater positive impact on older students. For example, assignment effectiveness is at its peak for high schoolers and half effective for elementary students-the more reasons why they should do homework.

  5. Harness student responsibility for better results
  6. Besides complementing the learning resources in school, giving out assignments to students enables them to develop a sense of responsibility. Remember the teachers are always available and watching the students at school, but it doesn’t happen so while at home. It therefore becomes the responsibility of the student to ensure he completes the homework or face the consequences. There are also some disruptive activities that can divert the attention for the student and it becomes critical for parent to become a homework helper.

  7. Encourage parents involvement
  8. The impact of assignment on student’s performance isn’t limited to student only. Homework provides the opportunity for parents to appreciate the education their children are receiving from
    School. Most of the parents will chip in by helping the student finish up or inspect the work when it’s done. This also helps the parent to bond with their kids and know their weaknesses. They can provide relevant guidance where necessary or seek more help from the teacher.

There are some cases where student may feel overwhelmed and may require homework help. You should know that there are reputable services that can offer even economics homework help. This will come as a much needed relief to student and enable them to do other things or more pressing assignments. You can simply do a Google search and select the one with good reviews. Some have also come up with homework games to make it more interesting.


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